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Hello again! I love that you’ve decided to do a mini-stalk and landed on my About page (trust me, you’re not alone in wanting to get the full run down).

I’ll do my best to satisfy your curiosity, so here goes!

Savvy Sally is me, Sally Latham. I’m a mum of two, live in the tiny town of Kangaroo Valley and get to spend lots of time amongst the chickens, echidnas, wombats and lizards who call my yard home.

My first foray into social media was with South Coast Kids – a Facebook page I created and grew to 12,000 followers in 18 months. But before that, I was in financial planning for 15 years. Random, I know!

I’m an avid podcast listener, reader and course-taker – which is why you will find that a lot of the stuff I create under the Savvy Sally umbrella is similar to this!

And no bio is complete without mentioning how much I love chocolate. Chocolate is life.

So that’s the quick rundown

…on who’s behind Savvy Sally.

Now it’s your turn – shoot me an email or follow me on socials so I can find out all about you!


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