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Make the leap from side hustle to full time!

Do you have a side business that you’re keen to make full time? That’s what I did, so I thought I’d create a podcast to help you make the leap too!

Say hello to Sideshow Sally, a weekly podcast all about creating, running and building your business.

In the podcast we cover:

  • Marketing
  • Mindset
  • Money
  • Strategies
  • Success stories

And so much more!

Just so you don’t get too sick of my voice, we also meet some amazing people who have been exactly where you are now. We talk about what they do, the steps they took to move to full time, and how they’re going now they’re the master of their own destiny.

These are no fluff episodes with real tips, practical and honest advice and sprinkles of awkward, funny moments too. Because we’ve got to keep it real, am I right?

I’d truly love it if you had a listen, and if you like what you hear, subscribe and leave me a review so I know I’m not just talking to myself!

Sideshow Sally Episodes


When your brain fails you in business

When your brain fails you in business

2021 was a hectic year for everyone, but my business tripled over the year when I wasn’t expecting it. In this episode I talk about what happens when you experience massive growth but you’re actually unprepared for it.

How to feel better about public speaking

How to feel better about public speaking

At some point on your business journey you will likely have to do some public speaking. If this is your worst nightmare then tune in to this episode, where I cover how to feel better about public speaking, how to prepare your presentation and what to do on the day to maximise your success!

Facebook’s new direction

Facebook’s new direction

Facebook’s been pretty quiet lately…and that’s because they’re been working on a completely new direction! In this episode I’m chatting about the new direction and what it means for social media.

Dealing with competitors

Dealing with competitors

Let’s face it – you’re unlikely to be the only one who does what you do in business, so there’s bound to be competition out there. Seeing competitors can be tough, so in this episode I show you the mind shifts you can go through to make you feel better about your competitors. I also list off some do’s and don’ts when it comes to dealing with them.

The 3 phases of a successful launch

The 3 phases of a successful launch

Truthbomb: Launching anything new is a months-long process! In this episode I break down the three phases of a successful launch and how you can replicate these into your business.

Coping with tough times in business

Coping with tough times in business

I’ve been having a bit of a tough time with lots of things going wrong all at the same time. So in this episode I uncover the silver linings, and the approach I take when the going gets tough in business.

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Entertaining, honest and smart

“What a entertaining, smart talking woman you are. Totally got into it, came out the other side with a smile and a ‘I got this attitude’. I’m going to binge listen now.”

— Mrs Bread xo (Apple Podcasts 12/06/2020)

Short, sharp and practical!

“Thanks for the savvy tips Sally! I really enjoyed listening to the podcast and am heading to the planning desk now. Thanks for the inspiration!”

— brettaclarke (Apple Podcasts 16/04/2020)