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Business Planning for 2021

Sideshow Sally podcast | Episode 20

I'll admit I'm a non-planner. But 2020 has taught me quite a few lessons, so in this episode I'm breaking down exactly how I'm business planning for 2021 - and how this could work for your business too.

Show notes

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We’ve all been hammered in one way or another in 2020. So whether you’ve thrived or barely even survived, I think there’s reason to celebrate. In this episode I chat about celebrating your success in 2020 (even if it doesn’t feel like you’ve achieved anything – trust me, you have!), and how to put a simple business plan in place for 2021. Yep, even us non-planners should do at least this!

You don’t want to miss:

  • All the ways I’ve dropped the ball in 2020, but why I’m still celebrating
  • How to map our your year in 2021 in an easy, practical way that’s not overwhelming!
  • The tools I’m going to use to plan for next year

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