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It takes a village

The Village is a monthly mini mag full of up to date social media tips and business stories from people just like you that are doing great things.

It’s relaxed, it’s fun (seriously!) and I promise you’ll be glad you read it!

I created it with women in mind, with mums in mind and the idea is to support you with not only social media, but on your overall biz journey too.

Don’t be scared to reach out if you have a story to tell or a contribution you’d like to make – because that’s what it’s all about, my lovelies!


The monthly mini mag

with social media tips, inspo and real life people doing great things!


Hey! I love that you’re here … because you are now one step away from becoming a member of THE VILLAGE!

THE VILLAGE is a digital magazine, delivered to you, full of social media tips, inspo and real life people doing great things. There is no charge, there are no catches, I just want to share what I know in the hope that one day, if you need help, I’ll be your go-to.

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Previous editions

The Village 3: March 2020

03: March 2020

  • Facebook Facts: What’s new?
  • Vanda Cummins: VA Extraordinaire
  • Facebook and Insta Stories: They matter
  • March 2020 Content Calendar
  • April 2020 Content Calendar
  • Go Extra: Add extra touches to your photos
  • Awesomeness: Podcasts to subscribe to
The Village 2: February 2020

02: February 2020

  • Facebook Focus: What’s news?
  • Doreen Brown: the SEO guru
  • Schedule That Shizz to save your sanity
  • February 2020 Content Calendar
  • Kim McArthur: How personality helps business
  • Get Great Photos: Free tools to help your feed
  • Awesomeness: People to follow, groups to join
The Village 1: January 2020

01: January 2020

  • Social Stats to blow your mind
  • Delyse Wright is living the delighted life
  • Insta Bio: Let’s get pretty
  • January 2020 Content Calendar 
  • Kate Inglish on surviving 10 years in retail
  • Instagram Puzzle: how to get the look
  • Awesomeness: people to follow, groups to join